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{April 27, 2009
Manges Behaving Badly - The Age}

Praise for Cafe Rebetika

“Cafe Rebetika has a lot of cultural authenticity: the songs are sung in Greek, some dialogue is in Greek. Many of the actors and musicians are Greek. This show oozes olive oil and retsina. "

Jeanti St Clair, ABC North Coast NSW, March 18, 2011


“Greek history unfolds and unravels before my very eyes in this production ... Greek dancing that springs into action at every twist and turn. Opa! "

Marika Bryant, Artshub, March 16, 2011

“Sensational! One of the best things I have seen in a long time. It should play the world."

Paul Petran, Music Deli, ABC RADIO NATIONAL, May 15, 2009

“A great story of tolerance and resilience in hard times. Uplifting!"

Katherine Kizilos, The Age, May 4, 2009

“HELPER has achieved something in CAFÉ REBETIKA! that will move you in a profound manner. The music will resonate well after the performance has ended. CAFÉ REBETIKA! is a great production.”

Chris Fotinopoulos, Neos Kosmos, April 27, 2009

“CAFÉ REBETIKA is an ambitious undertaking – it is a drama in the truest sense of the word – it is a comedy and a tragedy both, and it’s extremely good. The playing (by Rebetiki) is ridiculously good… there are truly toe-tapping numbers throughout. The costume design by Adrienne Chisholm is stunning, Bill Buckley’s set is perfect…Amelia Christo has one of those divine voices you could listen to for hours, she is a powerhouse in this production (and) delivers a flawless performance…Tony Nikolakopoulos’ performance is compelling and filled with strength…Steven Mouzakis is brilliant as the perpetually stoned Yiorgos. Peter Stefanou and Katerina Kotsonis deliver wonderful, strong performances... This play deserves a large audience. It is about as original as they come.”

Simmone Michelle-Wells, Australian Stage, April 27, 2009

“The darkly beautiful songs of rebetika tell the raw and often bawdy hard-luck stories of out-cast people in turbulent times.

The show vividly captures the characters at the heart of the Greek blues – drug addicts, prostitutes, anarchists, refugees, prisoners, Communists, drifters and ‘‘mangas’’.

Maria Bervanakis, Melbourne Leader, April 22, 2009